7NOX Subscription Plans

We offer Monthly and Annual Plans (Prices in AUD). All 7NOX subscriptions require a 7NOX Site Device, which is NOT included in the pricing (See below). The cost of a 7NOX device is (AUD)$335 and includes FREE SHIPPING.

*Free Demos include free use of a Site Device for 30 days. If after the Demo ends, you decide to purchase a Monthly or Annual Plan, we will bill you for the Site Device and continue your service. If you decide NOT to subscribe to 7NOX, simply return the Site Device at no charge. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the Free Demo user.

Don’t Forget Your 7NOX Site Device

All 7NOX subscription plans require a 7NOX Site Device to operate. This small Raspberry Pi-powered computer plugs into your existing BMS and executes your tenants’ after-hours requests via our 7NOX servers.

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